Portfolio of articles I have written for various publications.

Turning Big Data into Black Gold
Article for Datadriven.SG. Published 2017-06-04. Exploration of how to own a solid big data strategy that allows you to generate ROI from your data.
Three takeaways on data-driven marketing from our Singapore roundtables
Article for Econsultancy. Published 2015-03-30. Digital marketers got together and discussed their challenges around undertaking a true data-driven approach to marketing within their organisations. Three clear concerns kept popping up and it's worthwhile to explore these and look at how they can be overcome.
Get Ready for Universal Analytics
Article for Clickz.com. Published 2014-02-12. Universal Analytics is the next step in Google Analytics’ evolution. As Universal Analytics gradually moves toward coming out of beta, here are some things you should be doing to get ready to switch over.
Data and Measurement Resolutions for 2014
Article for Clickz.com. Published 2013-12-12. At the beginning of this year, I shared 3 measurement resolutions for 2013. With 2014 around the corner, I want to share my 3 resolutions for 2014. I hope you’ll take these away on your holidays, reflect upon them and start 2014 with a clear conversion optimization strategy in mind. Trust me, these resolutions are easier to keep than trying to lose weight!
Google Analytics Unified Segments: 5 Simple Steps to Get You Started
Article for Clickz.com. Published 2013-11-20. Segmentation is nothing new in Google Analytics. However, a limitation was that you could only segment based on a single session. In other words, you couldn’t filter by visitor behavior over multiple sessions (or visits). Unified segments solve this issue and allows you to start making decisions around what a user did over their lifetime, versus what they did in a single session.
Getting Excited about Google Analytics’ Upcoming Features
Article for Clickz.com. Published 2013-10-22. Ever since its inception, Google Analytics has evolved at a fast pace. Its evolutionary progress took larger steps with the introduction of Google Analytics Premium (now Google Analytics 360) and the need to cater for more advanced analytical needs. This year has been no exception in Google Analytics’ progression.
Remarketing With Google Analytics: 5 Simple Recipes to Get You Started
Article for Clickz.com. Published 2013-08-26. I want to share five of my favorite remarketing list setups for engaging with visitors and improving your conversion rates. With each remarketing list “recipe” we look at why you may want to consider them, how to set them up, and how to tailor your creatives for them.
Remarketing With Google Analytics: Getting Started
Article for Clickz.com. Published 2013-07-29. AdWords remarketing allows advertisers to connect with visitors who have previously visited their sites. Setting up AdWords remarketing tags can be quite cumbersome for a number of reasons. Let's look at simplifying the process with the help of Google Analytics.
Embracing the Reality of Multi-Touch Attribution
Article for Clickz.com. Published 2013-06-26. In an era where digital marketing is holding more weight in a CMO’s budget, it confuses me as to why so many marketers still measure effectiveness based on last-click attribution. Multi-touch attribution is no longer a concept or technology that is only for those with deep pockets.
Google Tag Manager Best Practices (Part 3 of 3)
Article for Clickz.com. Published 2013-04-11. In my first and second articles, I covered getting started with Google Tag Manager and coming to grips with its advanced features. In this final part, we will cover a series of best practices to ensure that you start using Google Tag Manager correctly from day one. Following these best practices will save you from many headaches in the future.
Getting Advanced With Google Tag Manager (Part 2 of 3)
Article for Clickz.com. Published 2013-03-15. In my last article Take Control of Tagging with Google Tag Manager, I covered the advantages of Google Tag Manager and how to get started with it. Today we’ll look at passing dynamic values into your contained tags using the data layer and macros.
Take Control of Tagging With Google Tag Manager (Part 1 of 3)
Article for Clickz.com. Published 2013-02-20. Adding third-party tags to your website is part and parcel of being a digital practitioner. Tags are needed to track user analytics, record advertising conversions, set remarketing cookies, personalize site experience, and so on. You may believe you have all the tags that you need on your site, but the proliferation of tags continues with the fragmentation of advertising networks and the constant introduction of new players.
3 Measurement Resolutions to Embrace in 2013
Article for Clickz.com. Published 2013-01-23. 2013 is upon us, and with it comes many resolutions that we aim to keep but deep down we know we’ll probably abandon. Speaking to digital marketers last year, I saw a common theme evolving in their digital resolutions for 2013.
How Nissan Uses Ecommerce Tracking Without Directly Selling Online
Article for the Official Google Analytics Solutions Blog. Published 2012-05-11. Nissan Motor Company does just this. Nissan operates in the automobile industry, and owns a network of websites designed to help consumers around the world decide which Nissan vehicle they would like to purchase.
Custom Variables: Fairmont and Swissotel use-cases
Article for the Official Google Analytics Solutions Blog. Published 2011-06-02. The introduction of custom variables to Google Analytics opened up many possibilities in measurement for site owners. It allows you to extend the dimensions tracked by Google Analytics to include facets that are meaningful to your business.
Selling More Shoes with Multi-Channel Funnels
Article for the Official Google Analytics Solutions Blog. Published 2011-06-02. Shoes of Prey, an online retailer that sells custom-made shoes globally, have made significant improvements in their online conversion rates thanks to insights gleaned from their Multi-Channel Funnels reports.
Shoes of Prey - Using Custom Reports to identify influential pages
Article for the Official Google Analytics Solutions Blog. Published 2011-05-24. One of the most effective ways for startups and small businesses to generate more sales on their e-commerce sites is to optimize their site for conversions. With no large marketing budgets to play with, this is one of the most cost-effective means of driving more sales.
Swissotel's High Value Visitor Segment
Article for the Official Google Analytics Solutions Blog. Published 2010-10-27. Need a little inspiration for ways to get a LOT our of Google Analytics? Well, Advanced Segments is a great place to start. As you might know, they allow you to dissect your traffic into audiences that you actually care and want to know more about. And here's a great example of use by a major hotelier.
Videos From Master Class In Singapore Now Online
Article for the Official Google Analytics Solutions Blog. Published 2010-05-19. Last month we held 3 successful Google Analytics Master Classes in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Sydney. We were pleasantly surprised by the sheer amount of interest in web analytics in this region with close to 1000 advertisers, agencies, bloggers, developers, and technophiles attending the events. Catch up on the event through these videos.
Five things you need to know about: Google Analytics' new features
Article for Campaign. Published 2010-03-18. Google recently announced new web analytics features that help marketers and businesses increase performance and ROI for their websites and online marketing campaigns. Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar (pictured), head of web analytics at Google Southeast Asia, tells us five things we need to know about the latest features in Google Analytics
Sharing Our Favorite Custom Segments
Article for the Official Google Analytics Solutions Blog. Published 2010-02-26. Analysts often consider an aggregated view of their visitors when assessing reports in Google Analytics. Every visitor is assumed to be of the same type. But, looking at the information in an aggregated form is not nearly as useful as assessing the data for individual audience segments.
Master Class In Singapore And Kuala Lumpur
Article for the Official Google Analytics Solutions Blog. Published 2010-02-25 . Are you ready for a Google Analytics Master class, happening Tuesday, 9 March in Singapore and again on Thursday March 11 in Kuala Lumpur?
Clicks vs. Visits Revisited
Article for the Official Google Analytics Solutions Blog. Published 2010-01-20. Online advertisers make frequent use of AdWords reporting in Google Analytics to measure the impact of paid visitors to their site and business. The insights and actions based on these reports help search advertisers to optimise their online campaigns and site experience for maximizing conversions. We see a lot of questions, however, on why there is sometimes a discrepancy in the reported number of visits and clicks.